Nordmann Christmas Trees

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Everyone knows the frustration of trying to untangle a set of Christmas tree lights to get them ready to place on a tree. Our plain, pre-lit Christmas trees are a simple solution to avoid the hassle of going through this each year. With the LED lights permanently attached to the tree, all that is needed is to take it out of the box, set it up, and it is immediately ready for you to hang decorations.

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The trees are finished in a dark green colour and have a natural, life-like appearance that will provide a festive look for any home. They come in a range of sizes, which starts with a 120cm tree and runs through to the tallest at 240cm. Each size comes in a plain or luxury style, with the additional detail of PE twigs on the top of branches making the luxury models practically undistinguishable from a real tree. Xmasdeco offers only high quality products and the stylish appearance of our plain, pre-lit Christmas trees is combined with a fire resistant design to make them an attractive and safe choice for your home.